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Project Description


Learn how Larissa automated emails and managed campaigns from 0% to 59% of their monthly revenue with Klaviyo in 6 months.

The Story

Larissa, (founder of The Linen Works) start her email marketing in September 2019, she just sends 1-2 campaigns per month and doesn’t have “nice” results at all. She needs some expert to help her. On the website she proposes a create service, people can buy the premium quantity products + they are able to subscribe to the CLUB, what Larissa created. In this club were 65 000 members. And this was a good start for email marketing.

The Challenge

The most changing part for Larissa was revenue. As you know she has around 65 000 subscribers, which is great, but she didn’t send automated emails and didn’t segment there correctly. We have to start from the beginning and do everything steps by step. Create a while – labeling for her account and clean the list first and that we did it.

The Solution

First, we cleaned the list, suppressed not active subscribers and create white labeling for this account. Then we created an email strategy – Full package with most-important 7 flows in Klaviyo.

Like a Pre-Purchase, Abandonment, Browser Abandonment, Post-Purchase, cross-sell and others…
Managing all these flows and send 2-3 campaigns per week, A/B/C testing for campaigns and flows, monthly analytics…

Before we started she has 0% revenue from emails, after 6 months – 59%, and 660% ROI, mostly came from campaigns and it’s not a finish…

The Process

We created a universal system with 4 steps for our email strategy.

Technology Platforms


A few templates just to understand what was done.


How it works: