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Project Description


Learn how OSSA FRAMES 4X-ed their lead capture rate and automated 35% of their monthly revenue with Klaviyo

Their Story

Do you know who is the co-founder of OSSA FRAMES??? It’s Roman Hotsiak – founder of DIDO agency)
Yes, we built hundreds of strategies for hundreds of brands and help everyone sell products online by emails and on one beautiful day, Roman think… “If I know how to do money for others, why I don’t do extra money for yourself?” And together with partners we created OSSA FRAMES store and selling the brand, authentic sunglasses, and eyeglasses to the whole world.

The Challenge

The most changing part for us were lead generation because we knew what we need to do with our subscribers, what strategy to use, how to create a design, write a good copy, but we don’t know, how to generate traffic to the website. We did a lot of integrations with marketplaces, different platforms, social media… and after 3 months our email list starts growing. We start to work with POP-UPs and Facebook re-marketing and convert our visitors to subscribers. After that everything was easy because we know if you have our email plan and email experts in your team, then you will have the best result ever see, just need time to test, update and do analytics.

The Solution

We created an email strategy – Full package with 12 flows in Klaviyo.
Like a Pre-Purchase, Exit Intend, Abandonment, Browser Abandonment Cart, Post-Purchase, Cross-sell flow, Winback, Engage. Re-engage and other… It was advance stuff from experts who spent a thousands days learning the best tactics in email marketing (In Klaviyo).

+ Created 4 POP-UPs for the specific pages on the website that gave us 4%-9% CR. We began to send campaigns a few months after the automation. In the first month, campaigns brought us 5%-7% revenue.
After 4 months our monthly revenue had around 42% revenue from emails, 37% from automation flows and 5% from campaigns.

The Process

We created a universal system with 4 steps for our email strategy.

Technology Platforms


A few templates just to understand what was done.


It’s our brand and we have to do email results well!

How it works: