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Project Description


Learn how Monkstars automated emails from 0% to 37% of their monthly revenue with Klaviyo

Their Story

Richard, (founder of Monkstars) came to our DIDO agency because he had a problem with email marketing. His team worked with Klaviyo for more than one year and they just had 1% Revenue from emails. He has more than 150 000 subscribers, but low conversion result from email channel. Of course, it wasn’t enough…

The Challenge

The most changing part for Richard was revenue. As you know he has more than 150 000 subscribers, which is great, but most of these subscribers were are not active. We have to start from the beginning and do everything steps by step.

The Solution

First, we cleaned the list, suppressed more than 100 000 not active subscribers and create white labeling for this account. Then we created an email strategy – Full package with most-important 10 flows in Klaviyo.

Like a Pre-Purchase, Abandonment, Browser Abandonment, Post-Purchase, cross-sell and others…
Managing all these flows and send 2 campaigns per week, A/B/C testing for campaigns and flows, monthly analytics…

Before we started he has 1% revenue from emails, after 2 months – 37% and it’s not a finish…

The Process

We created a universal system with 4 steps for our email strategy.

Technology Platforms


A few templates just to understand what was done.


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